Why Choose Black Top?

Black Top Whisky - So why choose this blend?

It is important to note that not all blended whiskies are the same.

There is a real skill in carefully selecting the single malt whiskies from Highland distilleries and combining them along with single grain whiskies to create a blend  that is balanced, easy to drink yet has a character of its own.

Whiskies vary due to the way they have been matured. We take special care to ensure the oak casks for both our malt whiskies and grain whiskies are of the best quality. They are Ex bourbon American oak barrels providing a spirit that is rounded and balanced.

The youngest whisky is 3 years old but the average whisky in our blend is higher. The master blender used for Black Top has years of experience and has created a blended whisky that is perfect at any time and for any occasion.

A real blend of distinction.

Person holding whisky glass for whisky tasting